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Welcome Glampers!

Your stay at Rainfield Farm is just around the corner.  Here we'll share some common questions that'll prepare you for your stay.  


Upon your arrival you'll drive to the top of the driveway to the main house and park in one of the parking spots.  Text 503.964.7813 and your hosts, Sarah & Shane, will meet you to show you to the glamping site.  

Check-in Time: 3p CST

The Farm

Our farm is a working farm so you'll see employees working.  Feel free to say "hi" but please do not pull them from their responsibilities.  Occasionally they'll be on tractors or motorized carts tending to fields so use caution. Your hosts will be happy to give you a personalized tour after working hours, if you'd like. 


We encourage guests to wander the farm but please stay on the mowed trails and walkways.  We have very strict food safety guidelines that we follow so please do not walk through the vegetable fields or greenhouses without supervision.  Vegetables in the fields are tempting to eat but do not take any out of the fields.  Washed vegetables are available in the farmstand.  We also have 3 acres of woods across the street that you can explore.   You can download our property map here.  


The farmstand is the first building at the bottom of the driveway.  There are fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, eggs, and pantry items.  Its staffed by personnel on Saturdays and closed to the public Sunday-Thursday.  There is a key in your cabin that you can access it on off hours.  Prices are listed and payments can be made via PayPal or Venmo to @rainfieldfarm - cash or checks can also be left in the cash slot next to the door.  To view our current offerings, you can go here.

Tiny House

The home is fully furnished and cleaned/sanitized prior to your arrival.  There is a queen bed in the loft and the couch is a fold out bed.  A cooler will be provided and ice will be available for purchase in the farmstand.  Drinking water is provided.  The home is ran on solar energy so there are no appliances or hvac system.  The windows open and there is wood for the stove under the front deck.  You can use the power for lights, charging devices, radio, etc. but DO NOT use small personal appliances such as blow dryers, space heaters, etc.  There is no internet and cell reception can be spotty at the glamping site.  There is typically better service near the front of the main house where your cars are parked. Dishes and utensils are on the shelves in the tiny home.  There is a small dish rinsing station in the back of the tiny. Dishes and utensils that were used during your stay, please put in the provided dish tub so they may be sanitized between guests. 


There are plenty of restaurants in the area and small grocery stores in New Carlisle and Three Oaks.  There is a BBQ grill at the glamping site you're free to use.  Your tiny will be equipped with oil & vinegar and typical cooking spices as well as mixing bowls and necessary utensils. 

Bathroom / Shower

In the bathroom there is a composting toilet.  The toilet is a two part system that requires liquids and solids to stay separate.  All guests must sit when relieving themselves so liquids can properly drain.  Improper use could result in additional cleaning and fees.  Please keep the toilet seat down when not in use.  There are fresh linens and toiletries for the shower on the shelves.  Both hot & cold water will be available in the sink and shower.  Remember to turn off when not in use to avoid depleting the storage tanks.  The shower drains under the shower deck so seeing water is nothing to worry about.  If you need additional linens or toiletries please let your hosts know.  

Fire Pit

Guests are given 4-5 pieces of split wood for their stay.  Additional wood is available for a fee.  Matches inside the tiny home.  Please do not leave an open flame unintended and fireworks are NOT permitted.  Should there be an emergency use the fire extinguisher inside your cabin and notify your hosts immediately.  Do NOT use the fire pit in windy or extremely dry weather.  Your hosts will notify you if such events take place.

During Your Stay

We encourage you to enjoy the outdoors either here on the farm or explore nearby Harbor Country and the Dunes National Park.  We have seating and hammocks scattered throughout the farm for your use.  There is a boat launch at Hudson Lake just 3 minutes from the farm.  Cyclists are encouraged to bring their bikes as the farm is nearby many well known trails.  

Farm Animals & Wildlife

We have three rescued potbelly pigs - Hank (black & white), Wanda (gray), and Aimee (black).  They are our pets and are on a special diet so please do not feed them human food.  They are friendly and you can pet them through the fence but do not enter their pen unsupervised.  There are free-range chickens and a turkey. Our turkey will occasionally follow you around the farm with his feathers out.  He is friendly...just extremely curious.  We have two farm dogs - Cola (terrier) and Bridget (boxer).  They are both friendly and might stop by to see what you're up to but will mostly stay at the front of the property.

There are deer, rabbits, raccoons, opossum, ​​fox, and other small animals.  Please do not feed them or leave food out overnight.  No hunting.

Things to Remember

  • This is glamorous camping with camping being the key word...there are insects (e.g. mosquitos, ticks, flies, stink bugs, etc.).  We are certified naturally grown so we do not spray chemicals. 

  • We are a farm with animals.  Farms have unique smells. 

  • Bad weather happens and we have no control over that so you may not get a chance to use some of the amenities (e.g. fire pit, hammocks, etc). 

  • The outdoors is dirty and at times it will be muddy.  Please bring the appropriate attire.

Checking Out

For checkout please turndown the beds and leave in the living room.  Leave all towels in the hamper  in the bathroom.  There is a container for dirty dishes and utensils.  Make sure all lights are turned off and windows are closed.

Check-out Time: 10 a.m. CST

If you have any questions during your stay please reach out to your hosts.  They are always onsite and available to assist.  Thanks again for booking with us and we hope you'll enjoy your stay.


Sarah - 503.964.7813 -

Shane - 630.460.8434 -

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