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Why We Grow What We Grow...First Part of 1-3 Entries to Come.

Updated: Mar 24

Sarah here...HI!

Growing up, I never thought "I'm gonna be a farmer". There was this funny phase at age 7 after being enrolled in Catholic school when I was sure that a nun's life was the life for me. I say "funny" because I should have picked "ballerina" like a lot of friends in my age range but I think my practical penchant for loose fitting clothing, hanging out with my girlfriends and being in charge seemed a little more..."fun". At 9, there was a "bring your parent to school day" and one of the dads was an insurance agent. He explained to us to go home and let our parents know to never hang a "Beware of Dog" sign because it was an admission of guilt and for whatever reason, maybe relating to that level of transparency, I was like, "oooh, you know, maybe I should be an "insurance agent". I was totally unsure of what "insurance" was but seemed like honest work and I was an honest kid. The majority of my preteen years were spent plotting out my destiny as "insurance nun" and how awesome it was going to be taking down signs around town in a habit but then...I got braces. The orthodontist was on a level that no other professional at that time in my life was. I mean, the guy had jokes for days, his office was always jamming with the soothing sounds of 80's soft rock and he posessed a never ending supply of oral hygiene accouterments. After I got my mouth trap, it's easy to see how I jumped ship from planning a quiet life as the founder of the Convent State Farm to starting my journey as Sarah Dillon Rocking Jokester Mouth Trapper Esq. That was what my business cards would read but spoiler alert, the journey lasted all of six weeks.

So, you know, it's been a non linear journey to get to this point and I've only told you a snippet. Truth is, everyday I get to do this job I'm shocked at how I got here. It's been a heck of a time line but I think my own personal path reflects exactly why I grow what I grow and why I'm so passionate about what comes out of our fields.

The full story, if you're interested, is not something I can fully type out in one night in one condensed entry. The more I think of it, the more I see a kaleidoscope in my brain of a bunch of randomness that comes together in a way that almost, through blurred and relaxed eyes, can pinpoint how a 9 year old thinking she was a habit-wearing-insurance-agent-in-the- making to a 40-something-adult-with-a-love-of-heirlooms-and-unfamiliar-produce. You know, in a, "it's not a scooner it's a sailboat!" kinda way - shout out to my 90's babes that get it.

Part Two coming soon...


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