Black Walnuts Salad Topper Pack

Black Walnuts Salad Topper Pack


4 oz. container

Black walnuts grown, harvested, hulled, sun-cured and hand-cracked at Grounded Earth Farm. The flavor profile is earthy and bittersweet with a delicate, almost creamy crunch.


The vast majority of walnuts you buy in stores are English (also called Persian) walnuts, which are larger and much easier to shell than black walnuts. Black walnut trees are native to North America and you can find them all around us!

To us they are the difference between cream and skim milk, a wild strawberry and one of those gigantic ones grown on the coast of California. We will take black walnuts over regular ones any time -- even if they are quite a bit of work to shell (your standard hand-held nutcracker will laugh and then promptly break).

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