J2K Capraio - Walkerton, IN


4-5 oz sizes - At J2K Capraio, we strive to produce exceptional cheese while remaining sustainable to the world around us. Our farmstead dairy and artisan creamery specializes in hand-making artisanal cheeses from start to finish. Our process is simple. From the hayfield to the milk parlor, into our creamery, our team does it all to ensure that it is done correctly and to our standards. In addition to our goat cheese, we believe in supporting other local family farms by purchasing cow milk to produce cheese from both species in all of our current varieties.


Chevre - Pasteurized goat’s milk, culture, vegetable rennet.


Walker Tomme - Raw Jersey cow’s milk; natural rind; cave-aged min 60 days.  A complex cheese with a milky and buttery aroma.  Slight nutty flavor.


Blue Gold - Raw Jersey cow’s milk; inoculated w/ penicillium roqueforti; cheddar bleu natural rind; cave-aged min 60 days.


Blank Slate - Raw Jersey cow’s milk cheese; natural rind; cave-aged min 60 days.  Firmer than crème fraîche but more mild than chèvre.

J2K Capraio Cheese

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