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Sierra Nevada Cheese Company

Chevre - 8oz

Made from fresh local goat’s milk and features a remarkably soft, creamy texture with light citrus flavor notes. Use as a sprinkling atop salads, whipped with fresh fruits, or as a replacement for cream cheese. The possibilities for this versatile product are endless!


Goat Feta - 8oz

Our goat feta is a perfect balance between creamy, tangy, and light sea salt giving you the famous taste of the Greek isles. It is made with 100% locally-sourced goat milk that is brought into our creamery daily. It is ideal for sweet and savory salads or grilled veggies. Perfect for TikTok famous baked feta pasta.


Organic Cream Cheese - 4oz

Handcrafted with three simple ingredients: cultured organicmilk, cream, and sea salt. The fresh curds are packed into muslin bags and drained resulting in an irresistibly fresh and creamy flavor. You will taste the difference in our old-fashioned method! Use as a spread or in your favorite cream cheese recipes.


Goat Cheddar - 8oz

Made with our neighbor’s goat’s milk, this classic goat cheese is aged six to 12 months and features a complex nutty flavor and a creamy texture. Capra Bianca is a delicacy for the goat cheese lover but enjoyable for all.


Organic Butter - 8oz

Our Organic cream is cultured with live active cultures in a vat overnight for about 15 hours to develop the flavor similar to French butters. We churn our butter longer and slower, lowering the moisture and increasing the butterfat to European standards of above 82%. 82% butterfat makes for a higher smoking point; better for searing, baking, and making flaky pastries.



Sierra Nevada Cheese Company

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