Slingshot Coffee - Raleigh, NC


12 oz Whole Bean - From our pioneering organic, single-origin Cold Brew & Nitro Flash Brew, to our life-giving Coffee Sodas, we innovate approach-ably… yet interestingly. We want to get you just as amped about taking coffee to new heights as we are. Our dedication to building unmatched coffee beverages and a company with substance starts with a commitment to organic coffees, a transparent supply chain, and our own Cold Brewery where we build every recipe from the ground up and craft every beverage ourselves. It ends with pure enthusiasm to live our vision to lift up the coffee experience for all.


I'm proud to be a woman-founded and led company that pushes to be the best we can for ourselves, our team, our community and our fans.


HIGH TIDE: We love High Tide for its versatility and its steadiness. It's an all-day anywhere kind of coffee that tastes great with or without milk, and lends itself well to any drip or pour-over style of brewing. Tastes just as good in your office as it does at the ocean.Tastes like stone fruit and dark chocolate, with a snappy finish.


CYPRESS: The Bald Cypress is one of the world's oldest trees, known for its strength and resilience. This rich, velvety coffee is perfect for stronger brewing methods like espresso or French press, and is perfect in a cappuccino. It's your foundation for the day ahead.Tastes like chocolate & brown sugar, with a full body.

Slingshot Coffee