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Tio Pelon's Salsita

Salsita Cremosa - 16oz

Introducing Salsita Cremosa, a green jalapeno sauce expertly emulsified with vegetable oil to achieve a luxuriously creamy texture. Infused with the authentic flavors of traditional spices and herbs from the South Texas and North Mexican regions, this savory sauce complements any meal seamlessly.


Salsita Tomatillo - 16oz

Introducing Salsita Tomatillo, a delightful fusion of jalapenos and tomatillos. Ideal as a flavorful foundation for Enchiladas Verdes, Nachos, or delectable Chilaquiles. Our Salsa de Tomatillo boasts a balanced acidity, ensuring a harmonious blend of inviting and savory regional flavors.


Salsita Emma - 16oz

This sauce is a pure red jalapeño Mexican-style sauce that uses no tomatoes to bring the bright red color. Salsita Emma is pure jalapeno heaven combining an array of herbs making it a great topping for pizza, ramen, or even simply some breakfast eggs.

Tio Pelon's Salsita

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