At Rainfield Farm, we grow a variety of herbs and vegetables most of which are leafy greens and lettuce mixes.  Our products can be found in local restaurants, grocery stores, health food stores and farmer's markets. 


We grow heirloom as well as unique varieties not commonly found in stores.  We also raise roughly 50 hens for eggs.



We provide grocery stores and wholesale customers with weekly deliveries of our products.  All produce arrives washed, prepackaged and labeled.  These items include salad mixes, greens, and herbs. 

Please contact us if you are interested purchasing our products!



Our eggs are typically only found at the farmer's markets due to their high demand.  Our hens are set on prairie pastures consisting of grasses and clovers.  They also graze on expired fields to eat the leftover lettuces and produce while fertilizing the soil.  We compliment their diets with organic grains consisting of rye, wheat and peas and we do not use soy as a filler.  This is a more expensive diet but it translates to a healthier hen and better tasting egg.  During the winter months we don't force our hens into laying by adding artificial lights.  They are raised as naturally as possible.

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