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Summer CSA 1/2 Share - Special Offer

Welcome to Rainfield Farm - we're trying something new here.  We're offering a 1/2 share of our summer CSA for new CSA members.  Its a chance to try our CSA without the huge investment and see if a CSA is for you.  In return for the discount, at the end of the 7 weeks we'd like your honest feedback on how we did and what you like or disliked about the CSA.  Once complete you'll receive another $50 off on our fall CSA should you decide to continue participating in the CSA.

Here is how the CSA works:
Once you join you'll receive access to a private CSA store.  For 7 weeks this summer you'll receive a tote of vegetables.  Each week we'll update the "store" with vegetables that are available and you can choose 4 vegetables (half share).  At checkout you won't see any'll just select whether or not you'd like home delivery (Friday) or farm pickup (Saturday) that week.

At the end of the 7 weeks you'll be
emailed a link to a survey for feedback.  Once complete you'll receive another email with a $50 discount code for a fall CSA full share 7 vegetables and an herb each week.

Please let us know if you have any questions: 


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