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Hen of the Woods Chips

An All-Natural Crunch: Made with all natural ingredients, bite into a delicious chip that is made for everyone. Our kettle cooked chips are non-GMO*, gluten free**, kosher***, and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.


Salt - 6oz

Authentic Flavor: When you crave a salty snack, you can’t go wrong with our delicious Sea Salt chips. Our chips are seasoned with the perfect amount of salty tang that make them the most craveable snack in your pantry.


Buttermilk & Chive - 6oz

Authentic Flavor: Bite into our Buttermilk and Chive flavored chips that transport you to the outdoor picnic of your dreams. Our chips are infused with garden fresh chives and creamy buttermilk that make for perfect everyday snacking.


BBQ - 6oz

Authentic Flavor: Inspired by North Carolina, our BBQ chips are made with a touch of hickory smoke that reminds you of backyard barbecues. Our chips are infused with a tangy finish of apple cider and vinegar, so you’ll taste summer in every bite.

Hen of the Woods Chips

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