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Born in 2012, Rainfield Farm practices small scale farming on thirteen acres of land, one of which is used for growing produce and flowers.  The fields are strategically placed to minimally impact the natural landscape of pines and rolling hills.


We're a certified naturally grown farm which prevents the use of pesticides and synthetic chemicals.  We rely heavily on composting and soil conditioning through cover crops, green manure and crop rotations.  Our farm is a USDA conservation partner (EQIP) specifically our pollinator fields and we're a partner of the Indiana Grown initiative.

We are a small farm that sells fresh and healthy vegetables directly to restaurants and grocery stores. Our flower and vegetable CSA membership program allows you to enjoy our produce straight from the farm. Stay with us in our cozy tiny home, surrounded by lush green fields or join us for farm picnics and visit our onsite farm store. 


Our mission is to bring the freshest and most delicious produce to your table while promoting sustainable and responsible farming practices. We are passionate about growing food the right way, and we believe in the importance of knowing where your food comes from and who grows it.

Shane Sarah Garlic Field
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