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Great Lakes Pickling Pouch

We are a family-owned and operated pickle manufacturer established in 2015 based in Michigan. Our pickle pouches offer a unique and easy way for customers to make their very own pickles right in their kitchen.


Garlic Dill - Just add vinegar, water, and your veggies. Three days later you have a healthy snacking alternative. Once you have used the pouch up to two times you can use the brine as a marinade for chicken, fish, beef, or pork. You can also strain the brine and use the leftover spices to mix with sour cream or ranch dressing for a unique veggie or chip dip!


Bloody Mary - This pouch will make some very tasty Bloody Mary flavored veggies! The flavor is that of a Bloody Mary. Rich in tomato and spices. This item contains no alcohol. This product uses our own proprietary blend for a non-alcoholic Bloody Mary Mix. Add any vinegar of your choice, any vegetable you choose, and water. Wait 3 days. Then enjoy. Each pouch is good for two uses.


Bread and Butter - Bread and butter pickles are a traditional staple of the pickling world, bringing a harmonious balance of sweetness and tanginess to the plate. That's why we brought back the classic taste of bread and butter pickles to our Pickling Pouch! With their crisp texture and irresistible flavor, pickles made using the Granny's Bread & Butter Pickling Pouch add a burst of excitement to any dish. Whether you're enjoying them on a juicy burger, pairing them with a charcuterie board, or savoring them straight from the pouch, the distinct taste will surely leave you craving more.



Great Lakes Pickling Pouch

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