TruBee Honey - Eagleville, TN


Woman Owned, Small Batch Honey 

Honey is raw, unpasteurized and just like the bees made it. 


1.5 oz Original Sampler - contains one jar each of seasonal raw honey, Tennessee Snow whipped honey and Barrel-Aged Honey.


10oz Classic Honey - summer wildflower honey is 100 percent pure honey. The classic taste changes a little each year, but always has lots of sweet clover and tangy herbs. Our honey is not pasteurized and is only lightly strained, so you may see some tiny flecks of pollen or beeswax in the jar.


10oz Bourbon Honey - raw honey ages in a charred oak barrel that's been soaked in bourbon by a legendary Nashville Distillery.  Does NOT contain alcohol.


For the curious >> We get the barrels in which we age our honey from Nelson's Greenbrier Distillery a few times a year, age our honey, then return the barrels. The barrels are then used for Belle Meade Bourbon's Honey Cask Finish product. This partnership has resulted in one of the most sought-after products of the niche bourbon-collecting world and sells out by a lottery system each year.