Hyde Nor Hare - Canton, CT


7.2oz (40+ hr burn time) - Woman owned and made of 100% soy wax, a raw wick of just cotton and paper, phthalate-free fragrance oils, a glass jar and metal lid. That’s it. Pure and simple.


The fragrances offered are both carefully curated and custom blended scents largely inspired by nature, wanderlust and the changing seasons. Each candle is hand poured  and 5% of our profits are donated to a local farm animal sanctuary so you can feel even better about your purchase.


BLACK TEA & BERGSMOT - The calming scent of Earl Grey tea leaves paired with spicy-sweet bergamot creates the addictive fragrance of this timeless candle. Cucumber, amber and musk round out the fragrance that is a perennial classic.


HARVEST - Harvest captures the scent of a warm, August day with fragrant country air blowing in over amber fields of dried grass, bails of hay or rows of harvested crops. Sweet balsam, earthy vetiver and cedarwood transport you to a cozy barn on a beautiful New England farm. Pull on your boots and breathe in the great outdoors.


RAIN WATER - The heavenly scent of a refreshing spring rain, this candle reveals notes of lily of the valley, airy ozone, green leaves and sandalwood. This clean and delicate floral fragrance creates a calm in any atmosphere.

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