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Root & Revelry Craft Soda

12oz cans


Root & Revelry Craft Soda is small-batch brewed soda, carefully crafted with all real ingredients. This labor of love found its start years ago, when we noticed a real gap in the high-quality craft soda market. We began experimenting, using the production space and market exposure through our community-hub coffee shop. Over time, we have tooled and perfected our flavor combinations. So, what’s in the can? We start out by carefully sourcing and selecting our ingredients. Because we use ALL REAL ingredients, our batches can have small variations in flavor. We are committed to using NO corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, NO chemically derived flavors or colors, and NO preservatives! You will find only REAL cane sugar, REAL fruit juices and zests, REAL colors from the fruits themselves, and REAL hard work, care, and passion inside!

Root & Revelry Craft Soda

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