2021 CSA

What Is A CSA?

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a food production and distribution system that directly connects farmers and the community.  Its a relationship between you and the farmer.

What's The Benefit?

  • Get to know your farmers and talk with those that grew your food.

  • Our produce is Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

  • Weekly newsletter with information about what produce you're receiving and how to prepare it.

  • CSA Facebook Group member so you can share with other CSA members.

  • Join us for picnics and dinners on the farm.

  • Locally grown in NW Indiana. Supporting local small businesses encourages local jobs, enhances diversity, strengthen local networks, and boosts environmental sustainability.

  • Purchasing a share will save you $$ on your grocery bill later in the year since you're buying in advance and in bulk.

  • You'll receive super fresh vegetables - like less than 12 hours old.

  • You'll create less waste and less fossil fuels.  Our vegetables travel less than 50 miles to the pickup locations compared to the average 1500 miles vegetables travel to your plate.


The CSA is a partnership with Grounded Earth Farm and co-operative with local small farms and businesses.  The partnership allows for a more diverse CSA and helps promote other small farmers, adding to their economic viability.

Is A CSA Right For Me?

  • You don't mind cooking

  • You want to eat better or continue eating good food

  • You're available to pickup your share each week or have someone else pickup

  • You're okay with trying new vegetables that you may have never had before

  • You don't have any diet restrictions that incorporates summer vegetables such as nightshades







Spring CSA

  • 8 Weeks of fresh produce

  • May 1 - June 19

  • Weekly Box of 5-6 predetermined vegetables

  • Mostly spring lettuces and greens (salad box)

  • Saturday morning pickups (8a-11a) at Rainfield Farm, Valparaiso, or Beverly Shores

 Add-On Options

  • Eggs - 1 dozen of eggs added to your box

  • Meat - 3-4 cuts added to your box - pork, chicken, beef (Jake's Country Meats & Countryside Produce)


Spring Share Price: $150

Egg Add-On: $40

Meat Add-On: $215


Summer CSA

  • 14 Weeks of fresh produce 

  • July 9 - October 9

  • Market-style pickup - choose 6-7 vegetables from a selection of summer produce

  • 5 Pickup locations to choose from: Rainfield Farm, Grounded Earth Farm, Highland, Beverly Shores, Valparaiso

Add-On Options

  • Eggs - 1 dozen eggs each week

  • Meat - 3-4 cuts each week - pork, chicken, beef, fish (Jake's Country Meats & Countryside Produce)

  • Cheese - 2 varieties of cheese each week from local small farms

  • Flowers - Fresh cut flowers every week

  • Jam - bi-weekly jam from Ground Earth Farm 


Summer Share Pricing: $390

Egg Add-On: $70

Meat Add-On: $400

Cheese Add-On: $280

Flower Add-On: $280

Jam Add-On: $42


More About The Add-Ons

  • Meat Add-on: Enjoy 3-4 cuts per week - pasture raised, no hormones or antibiotics - pork, chicken and Great Lakes Fish.  Beef from Third Day Farm - pasture raised, grass-fed, no hormones or antibiotics.

  • Cheese Add-on: 2 varieties of cheese per week.  All cheeses are sourced from the Midwest, prioritizing farms that raise their dairy animals with regenerative, humane practices and craft their own cheeses on farm.

  • Eggs Add-on: Pasture raised, no antibiotics, NonGMO chicken eggs from Third Day Farm (Walkerton, IN)

  • Flowers Add-on: Fresh cut flowers every week from Hickory Hills Flower Farm in Valparaiso, IN.  Bouquets come pre-arranged with seasonal flowers, grown sustainably and ready to bring joy into your home.

  • Jam Add-on: Locally made jams using locally sourced fruit from Grounded Earth Farm.

Pickup Locations
Campbell Street Cafe - 4245 Meridian Woods Dr, Valparaiso
Mrs Dornberg's Culinary Corner - 2106 45th St, Highland
Rainfield Farm - 8531 N 650 E, New Carlisle
Grounded Earth Farm - 11105 Fathke Rd, Crown Point
Goblin & the Grocer - 1 Dunes Hwy, Beverly Shores

Your Farmers

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Questions? Email us at info@rainfieldfarm.com